From Market Data Administration to Market Data Management

The MDnomics Operating Framework is designed to holistically address institutions‘ tactical, strategic and managerial market data challenges.


An ever-changing environment


The complexity of market data management, paired with the cost explosion of market data usage, has been and will continue to be driven by the dramatic proliferation of data sources, data licenses and data volumes required to conduct business.

We enable an institution to take back control over its increasingly intransparent and operationally critically inadequate legacy market data architecture to proactively manage operational and usage risks and costs to enable market data to drive (future) business.  

Transparency and internal collaboration are the right ingredients. We're here to make it happen.

High costs, complexity and increasing regulatory pressure are forcing a growing number of institutions to overhaul their market data management. However, most lack the necessary vertical and horizontal visibility into market data sources, distribution and usage, relying instead on legacy departmental silos, exacerbated by a lack of proper data governance.


Main components of the MDnomics Operating Framework with proven track record

The MDnomics Operating Framework is designed to overcome legacy barriers to the transition from market data administration to market data management.

Meta Data Documentation

Complete end-to-end documentation
Data Documentation

Data Literacy

Cross-departmental collaboration and responsibility

Data Governace

Overall control mechanism
Data Governance

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